Our Investment Approach

We believe the best solution for most investors is to have a diversified multi-asset portfolio constructed from a wide range of underlying funds. Keeping costs low, while understanding all the risks is key – simple and safe beats complex and risky.

This investment approach is supported by academic research and common sense and is designed to fit seamlessly with the advice and risk processes of financial advisers.

The entire TCF Investment process is overseen by an expert Investment Committee that meets regularly to approve underlying investments, formulate long-term investment views, monitor the funds’ performance and ensure that mandates are being followed.

Model Portfolio Service (MAPS)

Our low cost, Multi-Asset Portfolio Solutions (MAPS), deliver what they promise. Our solutions are well-diversified, rigorously selected and our fund performance speaks for itself. The portfolios are an excellent solution for:

  • Clients seeking a long-term core investment
  • Switch / transfer business due to the low cost of our portfolios
  • Trusts looking for good governance, broad diversification and “standard” investment exposure

A simple but comprehensive range of 10 model portfolios: five risk profiles each with the option of two investment styles – passive or core & satellite (a blend of passive and active funds).

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Bespoke Adviser Model Portfolios

We can work closely with advisers to build a totally bespoke set of model portfolios with a full range of options. Additionally, we can support their investment committee, fact sheet production, sales material and even branding.