Model Portfolio Service (MAPS)

Expertly Managed By TCF Investment

Expert investment aligned to your advice process to deliver great outcomes


Our MAPS model portfolios are exclusively available via financial advisers. They enable financial advisers to outsource the day-to-day management of clients’ portfolios while preserving their client relationships.

With five different risk profiles to choose from it is easy to align one of our MAPS portfolios with your clients’ investment requirement (as driven by your assessment of attitude to risk and capacity for loss, time horizon).

After that important step is completed, we take care of all the switching, re-balancing and fund selection. This keeps the portfolio approximately in-line with a selected asset allocation and maintains a wide range of underlying fund managers drawn from the whole market.

We have no personal relationship with your clients. Our job is to run the MAPS portfolios on your behalf.

Key Facts

Five Risk Models

Low Minimum Investment

Low Cost Fee

Quarterly Rebalances

Robust Investment Process

All Tax Wrappers

MAPS Investment Options

We offer two different investment styles to allow you to select the most appropriate for your Centralised Investment Proposition or client requirement.

Both use our long-term strategic asset allocation benchmarks and benefit from our tactical asset allocation.

We are actively managing the asset allocation and the underlying investments to ensure our portfolios are aligned to the risk profile, positioned for expected market moves (over the medium-term) and use the most appropriate underlying investments (drawn from the whole of the market).

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Passive Option

These portfolios are designed to be the “lowest cost option”. They are a range of portfolios with predominantly passive funds but have an active management overlay.

  • They select from the ‘Whole of Market’ of passive instruments where it is possible 
  • MAPS use the skills of TCF Investment to select the appropriate low cost and low risk investments for each portfolio. In some cases, or where the wrap platform dictates, we use active funds where passive funds (sometimes ETFs) are not available 
  • Typically, each portfolio contains around 17 funds 

Core and Satellite (Hybrid) Option

These portfolios use a “core and satellite” approach like that of many large institutional multi-asset funds. They are a blend of active and passive funds but are still competitively priced.

  • They access the ‘Whole of Market’ passive and the ‘Whole of Market’ active investment instruments 
  • MAPS use the skills of Rayner Spencer Mills Research to scour the market to find those managers that have the expectation to deliver returns in excess of their costs (high Alpha)  
  • Typically, the portfolios contain circa 27 funds

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