keeping customers happy

keeping customers happy

‘Price is what you pay value is what you get’ – Warren Buffett

Rising markets have increased the portfolio values of many customers – so they are happy with their advice /adviser. If we have a period of poor or flat market returns, will they still be happy with adviser value?

Many financial advice firms deliver consistent, innovative, and extremely valuable solutions for their clients over the years of guidance, support, rebalancing and tax planning.

By working closely with adviser firms over more than a decade we have collected over 20 different ideas to showcase this value to clients. We have collated these into a simple word document that you can cut and past from*.

If you are an independent financial adviser download the ‘The Value of Advice’ here.

*Please ensure that you compliance approve it in the usual way. 
Disclaimer: The information within this sales aid has not been verified by TCF Investment and whilst we think the document may be of interest to advisers, any use of it is entirely at their own risk and they need to ensure it is checked appropriately to their own satisfaction.