Bespoke Adviser Model Portfolios

Portfolios Managed To An Adviser Firm's Specification

“Managed to your client’s needs, tailored to your business”

Portfolios tailored to your needs


While model portfolios can be a great solution to outsourcing the day to day administration of investment portfolios, they may not completely align with your investment beliefs or process. That is why we developed the Bespoke Adviser Model Portfolio Service. It is ideal for adviser firms where you:

  • already successfully run model portfolios but wish to reduce your administrative headaches and costs.
  • want more input to the strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, fund selection or rebalance frequency.
  • want to offer a core solution across your adviser team but preserve your brand recognition.
  • want improved reporting, governance, or oversight of the portfolios that your firm is using.

We work closely with you to build a totally bespoke set of model portfolios with a full range of options.

Advantages of Bespoke Adviser Portfolios

Focus on Advice

Investment solution for key client segments

Cost Effective

Economies of scale (our fees can reduce with scale)

Align Your Advice

Adviser input to risk profile / asset allocation / funds

No DFM contact

Adviser keeps the client relationship

Adviser Branded

Value to your customers from a bespoke offer

Capital Savings

No adviser DFM permissions needed – capital savings for you

Cost & Time Savings

No need for advisers to manage daily fund dealing / individual rebalance

Automated Fact Sheets

Adviser fact sheet production automated – easy to update your clients on performance

Tailor Made

For a growing number of advisers, the chore of switching and rebalancing client portfolios has become too much of a burden.

The costs, complexity and capital requirements of establishing their own “in house” DFM is prohibitive.

Loss of control of using an “outsourced” DFM is a real concern.

With the Bespoke Adviser Model Portfolio service, advisers are able to enhance any existing portfolio service to clients. You can be certain that all clients are regularly rebalanced in line with your risk profile. Time spent on portfolio administration can be reduced as well as the overall costs to clients. 

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We work closely with the adviser firm to create a set of models tailored to your needs

  • We agree with you the strategic benchmarks and asset allocation – most often aligned to your risk profiling tool or a bespoke arrangement. This, of course, can be changed over time if you adopt a new advice process.
  • The adviser can decide whether to use the TCF Investment Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) or not to have any TAA.

  • We allow the adviser firm to input to the underlying fund selection – but we do need to have oversight of the recommendations. Most often the adviser selects the active funds and TCF Investment the passive funds. But all options are available.
  • We agree the platform that the models are made available on and the mix of active and passive funds.

Operating bespoke models

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TCF Investment:

  • will take on all the administration of rebalancing and fund updating within the portfolios.
  • will establish an investment committee with the adviser firm to oversee the portfolio activity, instrument section, asset allocation and performance reporting.
  • will create a set of portfolio fact sheets – branded to the adviser firm.
  • can provide investment commentary and sales support material for the adviser firm.
  • uses its discretionary permissions to manage, rebalance and switch the portfolios to the agreed mandate.

Note: The adviser firm provides the suitability requirements for the client acting as an agent of the client. TCF Investment will assist with the development of any required IFA / client agreements.