About TCF Investment

TCF Investment is a specialist multi-asset, predominantly passive, investment manager.

TCF Investment has an evidence-led investment philosophy. Despite what the investment industry claims, practical and academic evidence suggests that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to construct multi-asset portfolios which consistently out-perform on a risk-adjusted, net of cost basis. What is not in doubt, though, is the suitability of an appropriate diversified multi-asset portfolio to satisfy an end-investor's needs. The consequence of this therefore is that multi-asset portfolios should be adopted but with a better approach to implementation. TCF Investment's solution is to build multi-asset portfolios which seek to reduce costs where possible (through the use of low-cost tracker or index funds and appropriate technology) and to understand, as far as can be achieved, risk and thereby avoid unrewarded knowable risks.

TCF Investment believes that, over the long term, this focus on lower cost and risk will be rewarded with superior performance compared with the majority of competing approaches. Over the short and medium term such an approach can be expected to deliver a smoother return profile too.

The portfolios that TCF Investment constructs with its philosophy consist of funds and ETFs from some of the largest and most stable investment providers. The ultimate goal of the TCF Investment approach is to construct multi-asset portolios which simply deliver what they are supposed to with the minimum of drama so that end investors and their adviser can sleep comfortably at night.

TCF Investment, through sister brand MAPS offers a range of discretionary portolios which utilise the TCF Investment investment philosophy and which risk-match with the leading risk profiling solutions used by financial advisers.

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